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GFL Playoffs 2009
German Bowl XXXI

Berlin Adler 28
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 21
Semi Finals

Schwäb. Hall Unicorns 21
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 22

Berlin Adler 36
Marburg Mercenaries 21
Quarter Finals

Schwäb. Hall Unicorns 46

Assindia Cardinals 25

Marburg Mercenaries 64
Dresden Monarchs 63

Berlin Adler 30
Weinheim Longhorns 13

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 20
Stuttgart Scorpions 6
Franken Knights 7
Munich Cowboys 19

Munich Cowboys 28
Franken Knights 24

GFL Standings
GFL - GFL 2009
 NordP+ P-
1. Berlin18 2
2. Kiel18 2
3. Dresden10 10
4. Essen12
5. Braunschweig14
 SüdP+ P-
1. Schwäbisch Hall17 3
2. Marburg14 10
3. Stuttgart11 13
4. Weinheim16
5. Plattling18
6. München20



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Dear Braunschweig Lions Fans
veröffentlicht am 19.Mär.2003 @ 09:09:35 von FSM

German Football League I have been unsure of how to handle this situation. Any "war of words" I would engage in with the Lions management I would surely lose. They will have an answer for everything. However, the truth is that in December, using my own money, I flew to Germany. All that was important to me was to find a way to end my football career with the Braunschweig Lions.

Through much deliberation we were able to agree on a contract much less than what I had made the previous two seasons but understanding current German and worldwide economic problems, I was satisfied. Money is not the only reason I play football in Germany. Love for the game of football and my team is. The Lions stated they would have the contract drawn-up and sent to me. I was happy.

I returned home and began training for this upcoming season. I waited on my contract for two months. I wasn't too worried, perhaps naively, because I had come to realize sometimes things take time with the Lions. Then the phone call in mid February, the Lions were not going to honor their word. I was knocked to the floor. The explanation, "please understand" and "don't look back in anger". Please, what else could I be? I had been misled, betrayed and swept under the rug. No new offer is available to me, nothing. I even stated I would come back for even less than we agreed upon in December. "No" was all I heard. Lions management then stated they wanted to fly me over this summer for a goodbye celebration. Now after being hurt like this, how could they expect me to do this? They obviously don't realize what they have done to me.

Now I am sure some of you believe the import players make a lot of money, and that's why we play. Sure, with more than 10,000 attendance, great sponsors, and city wide support, I can understand your thinking. Well we don't. The German players make almost nothing. That's right, almost nothing. There is a very select few people that make a lot of money from this team. So why play? You can't imagine the respect I have for these players. They come out every weekend and are expected to play like professionals, without being paid as such. That is why I love it here. This is football at its purist form. Players playing for the love of the game. Fans that pay good money and support a team like no other fans in the world.

So, I am left to answer the question, why? Well, it is not for me to answer that question. Lions management must answer that. They feel they have good reasons for firing me. Perhaps you agree, perhaps you disagree. Whether you are a Matt Riazzi fan or not isn't the issue. I was deceived. A team I had given so much too, for eight years, has totally let me down. A verbal contract was taken away. Our management cannot deny this. It has been reported that I was choosing to retire due to my injuries. That is absolutely false. Sure, I have many injuries. All football players have injuries. Fact is, I have only missed one game the past two seasons due to injury. It is those who fight thru the aches and pains and performs, that receives the respect he so deserves. I have performed, earned, and deserved better than this.

I didn't want things to come to this terrible end. I wanted to say goodbye to you in our stadium, after one of our games. Please know that after my sadness fades and my anger subsides, I will never forget my days in Braunschweig, Germany. I have learned a different culture, language and way of looking at the world. I have built amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have so many people to thank: thank you to the greatest fans in the world. I'll never forget summer Saturday nights in that stadium. Thanks to the Lionhearts and Elmlöwen. To all my doctors, Dr. Frank Maier, Dr. Frank Thalacker, Dr. Heinrich Reilmann, Dr. Uwe Gieselmann, Dr. Jürgen Peukert, Dr. Jürgen Uhde, and most of all Dr. Günther Pfeiler and Dr. Bernd Schumacher. To my physio therapists Andreas Westphal, Peter Weis, Rolf Beese, Mike Wenzel, Florian Gründel, and most of all Radoslav Minkov. Special thanks to Tse-Lok Kwok, Mathias Ding, Stefan Wendland, Moonie, Ingo Wied, Walter Wächter, the Pecylle family, Ralf Irrgang, Rose Mangono, Rene Stammer, Frank Rieseburg, The Silver Lions, and all our great sponsors. Especially Feldschlößchen, who has always been there for us. To all my coaches Troy Tomlin, Ryan Hockman, Dave Likins, Bob Boyd, Scott Caton, Marcus Grahn, Gerald Meier, and Kent Anderson who gave me the opportunity for a great life in Braunschweig. To all my teammates, 1995-2002, I will always hold a special place in my heart for you guys. Your love for the game is simply unmatched. All of my love to Klaus Felske, Marion, Dennis and Jens Wessel. You are an amazing family that has treated me like gold for many years. Thank you for all your love and support.

My last thank you is my most important. To Myriam Mommertz, Bent, Dieter and Martha Ohle. When I arrived in Germany at age 24, I had no idea of the love that would come my way from this family, it is immeasurable. They are the reason I call Braunschweig my home. I could write for days about the Ohles and all they have done for me. I am truly blessed to have become a part of this family. I love you with all my heart!

Thank you for your time and until we meet again.

Ich bin ein Braunschweiger.

Matt Riazzi #2

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Dear Braunschweig Lions Fans

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