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GFL Playoffs 2009
German Bowl XXXI

Berlin Adler 28
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 21
Semi Finals

Schwäb. Hall Unicorns 21
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 22

Berlin Adler 36
Marburg Mercenaries 21
Quarter Finals

Schwäb. Hall Unicorns 46

Assindia Cardinals 25

Marburg Mercenaries 64
Dresden Monarchs 63

Berlin Adler 30
Weinheim Longhorns 13

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 20
Stuttgart Scorpions 6
Franken Knights 7
Munich Cowboys 19

Munich Cowboys 28
Franken Knights 24

GFL Standings
GFL - GFL 2009
 NordP+ P-
1. Berlin18 2
2. Kiel18 2
3. Dresden10 10
4. Essen12
5. Braunschweig14
 SüdP+ P-
1. Schwäbisch Hall17 3
2. Marburg14 10
3. Stuttgart11 13
4. Weinheim16
5. Plattling18
6. München20



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veröffentlicht am 26.Aug.2003 @ 23:50:24 von MEB

German Football League WR Eddie Larkins ©Walther Four years ago when Eddie Larkins bolted the Wiesbaden Phantoms for the Rhein Main Razorbacks, few would have thought the speedy receiver would have ever become one of the top receivers in the German Football League. In fact, the sport had almost passed him by. He had only played football for three years with the Phantoms and was 28 years old.

“We knew from day one that Eddie could run. Of course that is always a strong virtue of any wide receiver. But, you have to be able to catch the ball, too and we weren’t sure how quickly those skills would develop.” stated Rhein Main Razorbacks Head Football Coach Mike Wyatt.

The process for Larkins has been one of growing and maturing into his role. Sometimes the process was difficult. Larkins had left the team in past seasons, on a couple of occasions, sighting differences with the coaches and management, but each time came back to the team and was reinstated.

“It hasn’t always been the easy road with Eddie. He left us a couple of times during past seasons, only to return and help us. We have all had to swallow our pride a couple of times, but the effort has paid off”, added Wyatt.

Larkins´s crowning achievement, to date, came last Saturday when he hauled in 7 passes for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns. He has had bigger games statistically, but by his third catch of the day, he had propelled himself over 1,000 yards receiving on the season, a universal milestone for wide receivers. He currently stands at 44 catches for 1060 yards and 10 touchdowns, averaging 24 yards per reception.

“I am just thankful for the opportunity. I am thankful that Coach Wyatt believed in me enough to give me the opportunity. Of course, I owe a lot of credit to my teammates, as well. Without them and the support of my family, I wouldn’t have been able to reach that goal. But, there are still a lot more important goals for the Razorbacks that still have to be met.” stated Larkins.

“Eddie has always worked hard at getting better and I think that work has paid off. I think it also shows that sometimes we all have to swallow our pride and do what is best for the team. I see this as proof that if you stick to it and work hard, it will pay dividends in the long run.” Wyatt stated.

Mike Lawrence is poised to become the third Razorback in 2003 to go over 1,000 yards receiving. He currently stands at 51 catches for 891 yards and 13 touchdowns, receiving. If he can manage the additional 109 yards, it will become the first time that a Mike Wyatt coached team has produced three receivers that have caught more than a thousand yards in passes in one season. His offense has produced two receivers catching a thousand yards in passes multiple times, but never three.

“That would be exciting to have three receivers with a thousand yards receiving each. Of course, we have three or four more that are just as capable. Filip Pawelka and Slawomir Rybarczyk would both be in the hunt, as well, had they been with us all season. Of course, Clay Groefsema and our offensive line and backs have also a big stake in our success, as well”, added Wyatt.

Pawelka just returned last week from studying in the USA and has only played in four games this season while Rybarczyk has only two games under his belt after coming to Frankfurt for work and transferring from the Hamburg Blue Devils.

“We have a whole group of capable receivers besides those mentioned. Florian Bambuch, Markus Rosskopf, Konstantin Reinfeldt, Matthias Steiner, Douglas Hacker, Christian Schäfer and Ronnie Brookins have all been significant contributors, as well. They all work hard and push each other”, Wyatt noted.

The Razorbacks will put their high flying offense to test on Saturday, August 30 at Stadion am Sommerdamm in Rüsselsheim facing the Franken Knights for the GFL South Conference Championship. Game time is set at 16:00.

Rhein Main Razorbacks

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